What is GDL?

GDL is a geometric programming language that can describe all parts of a building and its interior with objects that behave according to the characteristics specified by the manufacturer. GDL technology enables the implementation of complex structures and entities programmatically.

GDL objects as a marketing channel

GDL technology provides a cost-effective opportunity for manufacturers of furniture and building products to make their brand known among building and interior designers. An object or an object library can be implemented in a multilingual way, making it available to designers throughout the market area of the product or brand.

GDL objects in designing

The virtual properties of objects are limited to the existing properties of the corresponding products. Designers appreciate the possibilities of editing objects to increase creativity and productivity without compromising user friendliness. In addition, they prefer to use objects in their native language. The use of objects speeds up the design considerably, so they also reduce the design costs. Lower costs are a competitive option for design agencies when drawing up offers for design projects.

Increasing sales orders

The virtual plan of the finished building or interior automatically provides quantity information about the elements used and the products that must be ordered from different suppliers. The modern ordering process benefits both the developer and the manufacturer.

Product information from the database

GDL technology also allows companies to use existing product databases. This is an advantage in the implementation of large object libraries, where data volumes are large and the goal is to have a designer-friendly interface for product choices. Regular updating of libraries is important and updates can be carried out programmatically using databases and web site content.