Video: Presentation of Jamito ArchiCAD library

Jamito’s GDL library for ArchiCAD 16+ versions (in finnish only) includes wide selection of shoe- and coat racks and dressing benches for public spaces.

Main goal of the library was to give designers an intuitive touch and feel to select and modify products in different views. There are four different 3D detail levels for every design phase imaginable from sketching to visualizations.

Object’s settings window lets user choose product options visually and set product dimensions and materials.

Picture: Object settings window

Object settings window includes also settings for 2D and 3D presentations and links to product pages and company’s contact information.

In design views there is informative estimated shoe pair count for product configuration based on product dimensions and number of shelves. This helps designer to meet planned capacity of users in specified space.

Picture: Estimated shoe pair count as additional info

Products and amounts of different configurations are listed automatically.

Picture: Product listing

Library can be downloaded from website. Objects can also be found via -portal by using ArchiCAD’s own search tools in object window.