ArchiCAD object library for Laatapiste Oy contains 16 product groups divided into different product categories. A total of more than two hundred different products are available plus different materials and additional features.

Products can be found in a single library object and customized products can be found in their own separate folder. Product selection is very simple. First select the category, then the product and finally the model or configuration. Additional options are displayed if the products also have hand-side or material options.

All geometries have been created on a ”one-source” basis, i.e. 3D models (from Revit) already made have been converted and optimized for ArchiCAD using unique software developed by GDL factory. Software also adds smart features automatically to the geometries that can be used in ArchiCAD.

As an example of programmatically enhanced intelligence, I present how in converted geometries the appearance of extra lines in both 3D mode and 2D sections has been solved programmatically.

The figure below shows four different settings for line adjustment. By default, automatic adjustment is selected, in which case the object itself adjusts the way the edges are displayed, depending on the view, to optimal. In some special cases, designer may need to adjust displaying of the edges on his own, so this too has been made possible. Automatic adjustment also gives the best result when visualizing in 3D.

Automatic, Hidden edges, Reduced edges, Visible edges

Above is a 3D design mode view with different edge controls and below is a 2D section view from the front. If you select ‘Hidden edges’ you can hide the product from the view in 2D sections.

User interface window

Product selection is clear and simple and therefore saving time when designing bathrooms.

UI window: Product category options