Video: Pisara GDL library’s functional demo

Pisara bathroom furniture library includes Pisara Finland’s collections of sinks, base cabinets, side and upper cabinets, mirrors and mirror cabinets in various variations as an ArchiCAD 19+ compatible GDL library. AutoCAD 2D and 3D models were also created based on GDL objects.

The library’s main idea is to offer a product range for designers to use through a single catalog-like GDL object, which intelligently and automatically limits further choices based on previous selections, making design quick and accurate.

Image: GDL library user interface window / Assembly settings tab

The library includes on/off options for sinks + base cabinets, side cabinets, mirrors, mirror cabinets and upper cabinets. A whole assembly is selected by default, but the designer can choose to use only one specific product. In addition, there are product-specific detailed adjustments for drawers, doors, opening sides, handles, dimensions and materials.

Cast marble sinks with base cabinets are available in widths of 500-1200mm. In addition, Custom Lamiwood and Custom Silestone assemblies also allow for multiple base cabinets and 1-2 sinks to be placed in the same assembly, as long as the chosen base cabinet is at least 600mm wide.

Image: Three main categories of sinks and base cabinets

Sink options and materials are presented in the user interface window by type and size.

Image: Sink options and Silestone quartz composite sink countertop material options

In 2D and 3D design views, all essential adjustments have been implemented in the form of movable hotspots points for different products. This makes it easy and quick to implement product dimensions and placement layouts in each space.

Image: Many design-speeding functions have been implemented in 2D space (also 3D) using movable hotspot points

The library also includes adjustments, classifications, freely placed additional information, and automatic quantity calculations for products and choices.

Image: UI 2D settings
Image: UI 3D settings
Image: UI additional info settings

Library can be downloaded from the link below: