Case A: 3D Product Configurator for website (2013)

The Customer had a request for a 3D Product Configurator for the website, where users could choose a product and edit it to their liking, as well as add the edited product directly to the quotation form. In addition, it allowed designers to save the product in several different file formats on web browser.

Example in finnish of the 3D product configurator for website

Case B: Conversion tool for 3D models (2015-)

Customer had ready-made 3D models of their products, but they were not as such useful to be used in the BIM library. We developed a programmatic solution to the problem for internal use to implement 3D models provided as source material to create a smart and high-quality library in a cost-effective way. At the moment we use the conversion tool for most of our projects as customers often already have 3D models of their products available in some format. Practical examples can be found on the BIM library references.

Case C: ArchiCAD library update from database (2019-)

Customer had a product database that contained thousands of different products with characteristics and the product information had to be exploited automatically. The library was implemented by GDL programming for ArchiCAD. The library is called. data-driven, in which case the operating logic adapts dynamically according to the product data in the database. Updates can be made directly from the contents of the database with the read product information. The large number of product information also posed challenges to ArchiCAD’s performance and resources, but the library was able to deliver amazingly fast and light performance-enhancing special solutions. Read more.

Case D: Library updates on download (2020-)

Companies offer updates to their BIM libraries at varying times and designers can sometimes be surprised that a product is no longer available, even if it has still been available in the library. Short update intervals are sufficient for most companies and designers, but in some cases the updates must be real-time, for example, BIM libraries linked to e-commerce product and inventory values.

E-commerce site’s request was that BIM libraries should be updated in real-time with the inventory status and product information, always contain website’s products in stock at the time the library is downloaded. Additional requirement was that you could go from design software to the selected product’s page to the online store and place an order for that product.

Real-time BIM library updates were implemented for ArchiCAD and SketchUp softwares popular among interior designers. ArchiCAD library has the entire contents of the online store, making the library virtually the online store’s duplicate. SketchUp library consisted only of products collected in the basket by the designer, which he wanted to present to his client before the actual purchase decision. Read more.

CASE E: ArchiCAD Content protection for manufacturers

We offer a solution to protect the geometry details of manufacturer’s products within ArchiCAD preserving user-friendly functionalities. Manufacturer can provide a key code to unlock content protection for trusted partners. Watch the demo video for our content protection solution.

3D Model’s details are prevented from showing in views with possibility to measure the product parts within ArchiCAD