HANI-Tuote Oy offers comprehensive and functional solutions for sanitary facilities in public spaces and toilet and bathroom facilities for disabled and elderly people. The basis of product development is cooperation with different stakeholders, such as designers, healthcare professionals and end-users. Up to 80% of the products are fully domestic.

ArchiCAD 11+ compatible GDL library consists of individual products and model room solutions that accelerate product placement. Model rooms customize product placement according to the dimensions of the room and their product content can be customized to your liking.

The library is very light in implementation (approx. 3MB) so it is also excellent for large ArchiCAD projects without overloading the resources of the software.

Library’s characterizations

  • Ease-of-use
  • Individual products and ready-made model room sets
  • Ready-made product choices and placements of model rooms
  • Editing product choices in model rooms
  • Material choices
  • Wheelchair object to help with space requirements
  • Measuring accuracy