Martela’s ArchiCAD library includes a wide range of products for different work and learning environments and care for the whole of their life cycle. The furnishings are suitable for both workstations and different meeting spaces.

The objects in the library contain different variations of the products as well as material options. All the furniture options used in projects with all the features can be listed through the quantity calculation, so that customer order requests are created conveniently.

Starting points for library creation

  • Smart product and material options update
  • Ability to convert and optimize existing 3D models in different source formats
  • View options for edge visibility in converted geometries and automatic surface smoothing for glossy materials
  • Quantity calculation of products and their variations

User interface window

Latest objects (2019) in the library have an updated interface window that allows for pictorial options for parameters that are difficult to explain in number or text format. The re-designed interface also includes other user-friendly improvements such as product search for the selected product directly from the object to Martela’s web pages by clicking ‘ ? ‘ sign. User can also freely enter additional information, such as the room in which the furniture is intended to be placed.

Pinta EQB table top model selection in the updated user interface window