LoOok Industries furnishings are finnish design and offer a feel-good atmosphere in contrast to the hectic nature of modern lifestyle, both in offices and in public spaces. Shapes and inspirational color options offer designers a playground where the normality is unknown.

LoOok Industries is also designer-friendly by offering its products in many different 3D formats for different design softwares; ArchiCAD, Revit, SketchUp and AutoCAD. Multi-format process developed by GDL factory enabled all these formats to be created cost-effectively without compromising quality. Nowadays, designers should be provided with BIM libraries in several formats, thus setting designers on the same line regardless of the software they use.

Libraries contain all LoOok Industries products and their surface materials. In ArchiCAD’s user interface window’s first page provides the material settings and next page provides 2D and 3D view settings. Very straight-forward UI speeds up productivity.

One of the most important features of the library is high quality geometries that allows realistic visualizations. Geometries are produced by ”single source” principle. GDL factory’s multi-format process avoids of repeating the same work, thus each step with different formats adds value to the whole.

User interface window

BULLDOG easy chair – Material options and link button to product page
2D and 3D settings / Simple 3D presentation