Talopesulat Oy supplies Talpet washing machines, equipment and furniture to real estate washing and drying rooms, much of which are manufactured in Finland. Their comprehensive product range includes all the products needed in real estate laundries and drying rooms.

ArchiCAD 16+ GDL library contains all the products necessary for the design of real estate laundries and drying rooms, as well as eight different model room solutions with ready-made product choices. Model room solutions makes the work of the designer much easier while still enabling total customization by designer.

All used Talpet products placed in the project can be listed in quantity calculations to be used as an attachment to the request for tender.

Quantity calculation list of products

User interface window

All library products with different configurations and accessories can be found within the object and designer does not have to search for products in separate file folders. Products are divided into their own categories, under which product models and their different configurations can be found with accessories and special information.

Hierarchial product selection: Category –> Model –> Assembly –> Options –> Special options

It is also useful to check essential product information, for example. electricity and water connections and water drainage. This information is available directly on the product information page for all products in the selected configuration.

Extensive product information can be found on all products in the selected configuration