The most important thing after the implementation of the BIM libraries is to arrange the distribution of the material as many routes as possible to reach the designers. Different formats have their own distribution channels, some of which are paid and some are free.

Free sharing channel examples


The product search function built into the ArchiCAD software is directly connected to Graphisoft -a site where ArchiCAD objects can be downloaded at no charge. also provides statistical information on viewing and downloading numbers for different products. The statistics example below shows the localized library for Finland with keywords in Finnish only.

Statistics: Download rating / Product / Total views / Last month views / Total downloads / Last month downloads


For Revit a free sharing website as an example is for sharing material internationally.


Build-in search function for SketchUp connects to where objects can be uploaded free of charge.


AutoCAD objects are not really BIM objects because they only contain the geometry of the product without further product information. Main free distribution channel is the manufacturer’s own website. There is no free and well-known distribution channel for AutoCAD. There are some options, but designers in the target audience rarely search objects from them, but directly from the manufacturer’s website.

Commercial sharing channels

It should be noted that there are many commercial options, which we’re not advertising here. But you can do, for example, a Google search with a pre-formatted search below.

Find commercial ways to share BIM libraries

We are here to help with the sharing options

The customer is informed about the options and coverage of the different sharing channels and their pricing. We advise how to present libraries on the company’s website, depending on the structure of the site. Customer can control shared materials in different sharing services or authorize GDL factory to arrange the sharing on behalf of the company on a ”turnkey” basis.