Art library is a service designed and implemented by GDL factory, which combines an online store with real-time BIM objects created from its content for ArchiCAD and SketchUp platforms. Service brings together artists and interior designers in a unique way, thus creating a new presentation and marketing channel for art.

Designers can get new ideas and a starting points for their interior designs through the color schemes and themes of the art works. Customers may also have special requests for the color scheme, thematic, artist, size or price of the art work. All of this information can be found on ArtLib and designer can search art works with the customer and help the customer to make an order, i.e. act as a mediator of art works.

Website is made with WordPress publishing platform, which is customized to the real-time server-side content update functionality of ArchiCAD and SketchUp libraries.

SketchUp library

Designer can choose which art works to include in downloadable SketchUp library package. Web gallery can be used to browse art works and add those which attracted interest to the basket. Contents of the basket are used to create SketchUp objects and packaged into a ZIP package when designer clicks on the library download link. Basket serves as a tool for creating the SketchUp library and keeps art works in the account’s memory as needed. Designer can display selected art works to the customer visually in SketchUp program before the customer makes an order.

ArchiCAD library

Library for ArchiCAD 19+ versions contains all the art works of the web gallery and the necessary additional information. A real-time downloadable ZIP package is created from the library on the server when the designer clicks on the download link.

User interface window

User interface window can be used to define several different search terms to narrow the set of art works. By default, all search fields are empty and the list displays all library art works.

Search can be limited by technique, style, keywords, minimum and maximum dimensions and maximum price. List of art works opens by clicking on the ”Selected art work (Valittu taideteos)” field, allowing user to select another art work from the list.

Selected art works can also be selected visually with a slider located at the right side of the user interface window on visual select – page.

Details of the art work can be seen on its own page. Designer can open the web page of the selected art work by clicking the link button and either request more information about the order or make a direct order with the customer. A request for more information can also be sent by email.

3D features

An example of a 3D presentation of an art work from the front and back. On the front, the frame is shown and on the back, as well as the rivets used for tightening the fabric. This allows the art work to be visualized in a display window, for example, so that visualizations from the inside also look realistic. Art work can also be rotated freely in all directions in 3D mode.

Illustration: Punainen Sade (Red Rain) 120×120 – Katja Hannula (2020)

ArchiCAD library presentation video (in finnish)